Product Statement

Thank you for your interest in Charlie's Vintage. This page is a bit more detail about the cutlery we provide. 

Please note that the set's of 6 will be closely matched pieces and may include differing makers markers, further adding to their interest. 

Unless otherwise stated, cutlery is made from electro plated nickel silver. The letters E.P.N.S, E.P and AI will appear on many pieces to indicate this form of manufacture. 

This process uses electrolysis to apply a layer of silver over a base metal (usually an alloy of copper and nickel). 

Developed commercially by George Elkington in Birmingham circa 1842, this process allowed for the increased demand for luxury goods during the Victorian and Edwardian eras. 

Fortunately, many items have survived which we provide today. 

Due to their age, some pieces may show signs of light wear. Any pieces with noticeable wear are set aside for up-cycling. 


The current up-cycled range includes : Coat hooks, herb markers, wind chimes, rings and bangles . 

We are always on the look out for other creative ideas so watch this space..... 

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